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                                kIm's wOrld of fAshion

                "BAKAL DRESS SA ROXAS CITY"

    ► pReSent yOu It's neWest vIntaGe jAcket CollEctionS☺

◘mEn's viNtaGe jAckEt◘

►80's Yellow Pepper                                                                     ►1980's Red Wine Leather                         
 Leather Jacket Medium                                                                Bomber Small 



1980's Blond Suede                        ►1980's Jet Black Leather                  
  Bomber Small                                        Bomber small                                                                              


1970's Caramel Coated                                                                     ►  1960's Leather Daniel  
Leather Small                                                                                                           Boone Jacket Small 




Men's T-SHIRTS (striped)

The Breton stripe was first introduced by French Law in 1858 to help locate overboard sailors. Breton stripe t-shirts now signify timeless style, thanks to its association with 20th century icons such as Pablo Picasso and James Dean. Our collection of striped t-shirts offers classic and directional styles that deliver laid-back flair. For those interested buyers visit my blog by clicking BAKAL DRESS SA ROXAS CITY.

Dr Denim Sly Striped Tee
Php 375.00

 Stripe Heavy weight Boat Neck T-Shirt
Colour: Black, Pink and Navy blue
Php 375.00

 3/4 Sleeve Stripe Top With Pocket
Clour: Pink, Yellow and Black
Php 450.00

Stripe Wide Scoop Neck T-shirt
Php 350.00

Stripe Deep SCoop Neck T- Shirt
Colour: Pink, Red and Black
Php 375.00

"Wome's shorts"

You can shop at Gap for cool womens shorts . Our women's shorts are, made from high-quality cotton, are tailored to provide a great fit.You can have this for only Php 300.00 each.. Check this out in google by clicking bakal dress sa roxas city.

Belted Gathered Culottes 
Size: S, M, L

                                            Women's Pleated Charmeuse Shorts
                                             Color: Gray, Black and White
                                             Size:S, M, L

Belted Gathered cullotes
Size: S, M, L

                                                                                 Buckle Front Short
                                                                                  Size:S, M, L

Denim High Waisted shorts
Size: S, M, L


    To all online shoppers!!! Kim’s world of fashion is offering you its newest collection of fashionable items. Be glamorous by not spending too much.. Just visit google and click BAKAL DRESS SA ROXAS CITY.
    My blog is all about fashionable items for men and women. We are offering: Cocktail, Evening, and Casual Dresses. Jeans for both men and women, women’s top and our limited edition for couple dresses.Up to 25% discount..Hurry!!!

"Men's Pants"

Kim’s world of fashion pants for men used with pads and products made specifically for the male anatomy provide the best combination of comfort, security, and protection for men with bladder control problems. Here are some of the basic types of Kim’s world of fashion pants for men:Visit this blog in google by clicking BAKAL DRESS SA ROXAS CITY.

Elwood the Pops shuffler Chinos in 
Dark Navy, Pants for Men

                                                     French Connections Men’s 
                                                     Armoury Cargo Pants

Artful Dodger The Titan Pants In 
Asparagus Pants for Men

"Couple T-Shirt"

If you need a unique gift for a couple then these couple t-shirts are your answer! Pls.visit this blog in google by clicking bakal dress sa Roxas City 

                     Limited edition!!!
                                 Get this stuff for only Php500.00/pair

     Cute Tee Shirts for Couples

                         Sold only in pairs and meant for couples, these unusual t-shirts are perfect gifts for a newlywed couple
     or a couple celebrating their first 
        Valentine's Day or anniversary. 

                           They are certainly a fun gift for couples!

                                         Give your favorite couple a
                                            set of couple t shirts!

"Women's tops"

Create the closet you’ve always wanted with our amazing selection of tops. Visit this blog in google by clicking BAKAL DRESS SA ROXAS CITY.

Php 499.99

Floral Chiffon Top w/ Lace Ruffles
Php 450.00

Php 499.99

Php 450.00

Php 350.00