Men's T-SHIRTS (striped)

The Breton stripe was first introduced by French Law in 1858 to help locate overboard sailors. Breton stripe t-shirts now signify timeless style, thanks to its association with 20th century icons such as Pablo Picasso and James Dean. Our collection of striped t-shirts offers classic and directional styles that deliver laid-back flair. For those interested buyers visit my blog by clicking BAKAL DRESS SA ROXAS CITY.

Dr Denim Sly Striped Tee
Php 375.00

 Stripe Heavy weight Boat Neck T-Shirt
Colour: Black, Pink and Navy blue
Php 375.00

 3/4 Sleeve Stripe Top With Pocket
Clour: Pink, Yellow and Black
Php 450.00

Stripe Wide Scoop Neck T-shirt
Php 350.00

Stripe Deep SCoop Neck T- Shirt
Colour: Pink, Red and Black
Php 375.00


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